Where can I find a Dentist Office in Houston?

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If you’re looking for a dentist office in Houston that can restore your missing teeth, it’s important to find a versatile dentist with a comprehensive range of services who can provide a completely personalized treatment plan to suit your needs and your budget. At the office of Chase M. Baker DDS, we utilize the most advanced techniques and technologies available in modern dentistry, so that you can receive the individualized care you deserve.

Not only is a complete smile important to your appearance, your teeth play an important role in the digestive process, since chewing is the first step in the breaking down the food that provides your body with the nourishment it requires. As your dentist office in Houston, we’ll perform a comprehensive assessment of your oral health and dental needs, to formulate the most suitable treatment plan for the replacement of any lost or missing teeth. At the office of Dr. Baker, we provide a range of solutions to help patient reestablish complete and beautiful smiles, including fixed bridges, removable partial and full dentures as well as dental implants and All-on-4®. For some patients dentures offer effective and satisfying option in care. Fabricated to precisely fit atop the gums and underlying bone, dentures consist of a supportive base containing natural looking replacement teeth. While partial dentures have the added stability of clasps placed on select remaining teeth, complete dentures may rely on suction and in some cases specialized dental implants for retention.  Although new dentures can take a little getting used to, you’ll be enjoying all the foods you love and smiling with confidence in no time at all.

At our dentist office in Houston you can expect world-class service in a relaxed and friendly environment. We’ve helped many patients reestablish a healthy and complete smile; call our office today for an appointment with Dr. Baker to find out how we can help you too!

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