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Children’s Dentist 77018

Are you in need of a children’s dentist 77018?

Your children are no longer newborns. They’re growing and getting teeth, and that means it’s time to start thinking about dental care. If you’re in the Houston, TX community, that means you’ve got Chase M. Baker, DDS by your side. A Houston native with children of his own, Dr. Baker understands the necessity for pediatric dental care at even the earliest of stages. For a children’s dentist 77018 you can trust, consider Chase M. Baker, DDS.

Children’s Dentist 77018

Dr. Baker’s reputation as Houston’s leading children’s dentist 77018 is built on establishing excellent oral habits for babies and young children; his eagerness to teach your kids about preventive care techniques is a reflection of his passion for proper dental care. By treating your children early on, we can monitor the development of their incoming baby teeth and, as they continue to grow, their permsnent teeth. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, it is recommended to begin bringing your children in for care as soon as their first baby tooth comes in, and we couldn’t agree more. Typically, most babies receive their first tooth from six months to one year of age, and if these essential placeholder teeth become damaged, their future permanent teeth can grow in crooked or crowded.

As your children and their teeth continue to grow, we will start introducing them to a thorough preventive regimen to protect from the effects of dental plaque. They will be provided with all the necessary information to prepare and follow an exceptional at-home brushing and flossing routine that is fun and engaging. While they are at the children’s dentist 77018 for care, they will be given a comprehensive smile examination and professional teeth cleanings; we encourage the application of enamel-strengthening fluoride treatments and dental sealants to shield the teeth from harmful debris.

Wouldn’t you like to see your children running around with healthy, beautiful smiles? With the help of Chase M. Baker, DDS, you can. Dr. Baker has earned his reputation as Houston’s premier children’s dentist 77018 because of his devotion to providing state-of-the-art care to his pediatric patients. Why not give us a call, and find out how you and your children can become part of the Chase M. Baker, DDS family?

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